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Meet the coach:

Classes are taught by a skilled instructor with over 17 years of experience both competing as well as teaching martial arts. Coach Jayce has professional mixed martial arts experience, has competed in amateur boxing and was a North American Grappling Association gold medalist. He was a volunteer mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada for 13 years during which time he instilled a love for wrestling in his "little" and helped him to secure a spot on his high school wrestling team.


Class Syllabus:

Kids Classes are appropriate for kids ages 5-12 years old and will involve a mixture of strength and conditioning/cardio as well as the development of skills and techniques involved in grappling, boxing, kick boxing and Muay Thai. A variety of equipment will be used including focus mitts, free standing bags and kick pads.


Class Timetable:

Classes will be once per week and rotate weekly between Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings (a calendar will be provided). Each class will be 45 minutes in length.

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